June 4, 2011

A Sunday music find

I just ran across this gorgeous video of Sungha Yung. This is a song called "Missing You" that he wrote when he was 11. It was his first composition. Apparently he wrote the song for a guitarist friend.

It's incredible.


Artichoke Annie said...

I love the smile that occurs around mark 1:48. This kid and his music is delightful, in fact I just purchased his album on iTunes. Such nice background listening.

I don't know where you find all this music but I am glad you do. Happy Sunday.

writenow said...

I had to forcibly stop myself from including a spoiler about the smile. It just melts you, no? This kid is something. Hmph, an album, eh? I saw some video from when he was in his late teens. Didn't look like a kid at all and he was playing dreck, completely wasted nonsense. I ran scurrying from the page. Glad I make you happy with music, Annie. I'll keep trying.