June 6, 2011

Does not compute

What's wrong with this picture?
What would John Lennon have to say about this? A lot, I imagine. New York's mayor Mike Bloomberg has decreed from on-high that musicians and singers may no longer, you know, make music or sing in Central Park. At least, not in the "Quiet Zones" and Strawberry Fields has, incredibly, been designated as a "Quiet Zone". This picture tells the tale. What boobery, what nincompoopery! It's astoundingly out of step -- but then, that's NY's mayor Mike Bloomberg. No clue about how the soiled masses might view this.

Can you imagine what John would say? It would be such fun. He'd have a huge musical gathering in Strawberry Fields by nightfall with TV cameras following his every move, and live broadcasts going out over the net to the entire world. He'd call on people everywhere to join him. "Bring a musical instrument and a bed, and plan to stay for months!" It would morph into a park-wide artist's festival that no one on the planet could shut down. And suddenly, world peace would break out all over.

And then he'd write great songs about the whole thing and make us feel like we were there when it all came down. Dang, I miss this man. And Bloomberg -- you're an artless twit.

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Artichoke Annie said...

...and I thought only hospitals were 'quiet zones'...