June 3, 2011

My nephew's favorite group

The younger of my two nephews introduced me to this song. He loves Empire of the Sun. I don't think much of the video but I like the song. See what you think.


Artichoke Annie said...

The song wasn't bad, but I had to dig a little further to see what this group is about. I always find young peoples music interesting even if I don't personally care for it.

I checked out a couple of their videos - very Michael Jackson-ish, not in music but in video elements.

Music videos really are a whole separate business from that of the 'music'. I bet if you and I got together with the right video producer we could put together a not to bad video as well.

When your book is done we can think about it. In fact maybe Dr. Vito will be back by then and he can join in the fun.

writenow said...

Speak of the devil. You know what I realized this morning? Xmas Carol is primed for a sequel. I hadn't even thought about this but I left things at the end in a way that could easily be picked up again in a later book. Woot!

Listen to this music again. It grows on you. It ain't great but it's pretty damn good. I'm glad you sort of liked it.