June 20, 2011

Booman today

Booman Tribune has a post up this morning called Does Fox Make People Stupid?. Here's an excerpt:
Would Fox News viewers begin to show signs that they understood current events and basic facts as well as or better than the viewers of other networks?
My suspicion is that they would make some gains but they would never reach parity. The reason is because their higher brain function is undeveloped or simply damaged. They are attracted to fear and they get some kind of positive rush out of hate. Their capacity for empathy is either lacking or it has atrophied. Without the kind of stimulus that Fox News provides to feed their distorted emotions, they're unlikely to function, let alone learn.
Booman often says true things. That's why I read him.

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Artichoke Annie said...

I would love to copy that and forward to some old friends of mine that have FOX News as their ONLY news source...I would do it except for the fact I really don't want to ever hear from them again.