June 6, 2011

That popey guy's quite a guy!

Evil personified.
I saw this today in the NYT:
NEW YORK (AP) — A Maryland Episcopal parish will be the first in the United States to join the Roman Catholic Church under a streamlined conversion plan created by the Vatican.
Isn't that sweet? The popey guy has opened his fragrant arms to the most hateful Episcopal parishes that want to retain the "right" to act viciously toward gay people. The popey guy essentially said to them:
"If your church is becoming too humane and moral, come -- be with us! You can be as hateful as you want on our side of the street because it is the Catholic god's glorious mission to spread bigotry over the Earth. Rejoice!"
Watta guy! So now the Episcopal church can continue to act as immorally as they want -- because the popey guy's got them covered. Hooray!

In other church news today:
"Three current or former priests and a former Roman Catholic school teacher in Philadelphia are rejecting a proposed plea offer to serve 7 1/2 to 15 years on child-rape charges."


Artichoke Annie said...

Terribly good news for all those pesky Episcopalians ... wait! - do Episcopalians have any connection to the Alaskapalins????

writenow said...

I've only known liberal Episcopalians and Baptists. They were great fun. Something tells me they didn't go to the kind of churches that are willingly moving into the Pope's official domain of hatred.

I just noticed the "palin" spelling in your comment. I thought, "what is she talking about with this Alaskapalians thing?" Now I see.