June 29, 2011

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

Have you guys been watching this show? Well I have and I'm shocked. It's actually good!

Now, maybe I'm just a sucker for the sound and pace of the new show. They've obviously taken a page from the PBS News Hour with the look and feel of the presentation. It's very understated and seems to scorn the usual self-important tone of other network news shows.

But it's more than that. They seem to be providing the real news! I haven't seen a news show do this in our country for ages. I'll say it again: the news they present seems to be the real news!

It's too early to hand out any permanent accolades. After all, maybe it's just a set-up and they won't tell us what's going on when it really matters. But it sure seems like they're doing it now. Have you watched the show? What do you think?


Artichoke Annie said...

I haven't watch news on CBS since the stone age. Is Scott Pelley the one that took over for Katie Couric?

I will have to check it out once I figure out when it comes on in my time zone. I will give it the old 'nuclear' test.

writenow said...

He's the one. I didn't want to mention her name.