June 24, 2011

Paying my debts to fictional characters

So what's been going on around here? Nothing? Same old, same old? Well, I've been editing and something new cropped up. It's interesting.

Morality is a huge chunk of the story of Xmas Carol. My idea was to present atheists in utterly strange situations so people could see that they have no problem identifying the right thing to do -- without resorting to any god nonsense. Well, I've decided this heightened sense of morality produced certain debts that I, as the author, must pay to my characters.

Up till now, I had left two background characters out at the end of the story, as if what happened to them was inconsequential. I've decided they deserve better so I'm crafting conclusions for their personal stories. I don't want to leave anyone out; that would be rude. Just because they're fictional doesn't mean they don't care. Truly, the debt feels personal. I know and like these characters. What could I have been thinking, omitting their endings? Anyway, problem rectified. Everybody's got an ending now.

So, anything new around here? Anybody want to de-lurk or tell a story? Maybe reveal a secret? Hit the comment button.

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