June 19, 2011

New idiotic term enters our world

There was a disturbing headline at CBS one day ago that said:
Pentagon scare suspect found with terror phrases
Indeed. Something tells me CBS didn't make up this term. Could it be that our government has released a new meme to its obedient media? "Terror phrases," eh? And what were these scary terror phrases? They found a notebook in the man's car in which the following appeared:
"al Qaeda," "Taliban rules" and "Mujahid defeated croatian forces."
Frightening, eh? So a fellow who did absolutely nothing wrong chose to write these words in his personal notebook -- and it turned into a headline about "terror phrases"? This is a new, insane category of anti-Muslim fervor and undoubtedly our growing police state is paying close attention to this development. I'm sure they're ferreting through people's possessions right now, looking for horrific "terror phrases".

So now you can't write certain words or they'll cart you off to a prison cell. I'm not saying I hear the jackboots all around us but I think I smell boot polish. This is how things happen in our country -- haphazardly, and always aided by the media.

It's going to be a really swell 4th of July this year. Let freedom ring!


Artichoke Annie said...

Some quotes on terrorism I found thought-provoking:

"Terrorism has replaced Communism as the rationale for the militarization of the country [America], for military adventures abroad, and for the suppression of civil liberties at home. It serves the same purpose, serving to create hysteria." ~HOWARD ZINN, Terrorism and War

"The big threat to America is the way we react to terrorism by throwing away what everybody values about our country--a commitment to human rights. America is a great nation because we are a good nation. When we stop being a good nation, we stop being great." ~BOBBY KENNEDY, O Magazine, Feb. 2007

"Terrorism isn't James Bond or Tom Clancy. Even al-Quaeda is looking old school these days--now it's just some guy with a bomb. He walks the same roads as us. He thinks the same thoughts. But he's got a bomb." ~MICHAEL MARSHALL, Blood of Angels

writenow said...

And yet the public shows only defensive indifference. I don't see how this stops.