June 15, 2011

Speaking of odd artists

Click for larger.
Have you ever seen the murals of Edward Grohe? This guy plays with perspective like no one else.

To be clear: that is not a hallway the woman is looking down, at left. It's a mural. (I've seen much better photos of it but couldn't find one to post today.)

All his paintings are stunningly clear and each invites us into another dimension. The magical thing, to me, is how he connects this new dimension to our world. He show us images at new, unthinkable angles. Perspective. The man owns it.

Artists push the envelope. It's their job. Our is to appreciate it. Here's a link to more of his stuff.

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Artichoke Annie said...

I know, he is amazing, you have to pinch yourself. Here is another site for more: