June 22, 2011

If only life had software controls

Mmmmm. Life done right.
From the moment I encountered a GUI, a graphical user interface, I was sold. This is how I wanted stuff to work: just drop a file on a program icon and it jumps to life (well, these days, anyway). Perfection.

But now I want more. I want life itself to work with software controls. I want to drop an image of my laundry on a washer icon, and boom, the laundry's done. I want to drop a quiche on a oven icon and smell it cooking within fifteen minutes. And I want to drop my housecleaning (I see it as a tiny, messy blur) on a maid icon. Voila! The house is clean.

But most of all I want to drop an image of myself on a baseball icon and find myself at Fenway Park, watching the game.

Gimme a software interface for life. Gimme!


Artichoke Annie said...

Keith you are the new AND IMPROVED Bill Gates. I would love to live in that world as well. How much money do I need to buy in?

writenow said...

Don't worry. You'll get a nice taste of this when you read my sci-fi trilogy: The Worlds. I'm tellin' ya: Xmas Carol is fun, but The Worlds is my real baby.