June 1, 2011

Ed Brayton on Bachmann

On Ed Brayton's excellent blog this morning I found this delectable tidbit:
"People want something new and different and that's one thing I've established with my voting record," [Michelle Bachmann] said.
New and different? Michelle Bachmann? Other than being a female, what is new and different about her in politics? Just another proudly -- defiantly -- ignorant politician pushing a regressive agenda and pandering to other proudly ignorant people. The list of such politicians is long, though not terribly distinguished. Dressing up Jesse Helms in a female body does not make something new and different.

And I can't wait for the day -- if it ever comes -- when a politician claiming to speak to or for God renders them unelectable to any office that is not directly related to church government. They should be taken no more seriously than those who think Ouija boards or tarot cards help them communicate with the dead.
Ed is a fine journalist and blogger and I read him every day. You should, too.

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