June 14, 2011

I love stuff like this

Photo credit: NY Times
You have to see this story in the NY Times today about a guy who paints squashed gum on sidewalks. I think it's great when people do things like this. Reminds me of the guy who carves the lead in pencil tips. Another treasure.

The photo I posted is from the article. There's not much more there in the way of images, but there are a few. Check it out. Truly, I think this sort of art is amazing.


Artichoke Annie said...

How extraordinary - and what a find. Wouldn't you love to know and talk with Ben Wilson?

I love the term 'outsider artists' they use in the article. I checked out the pencil-lead artist as well. It just amazes me that people come up with all these unique ideas.

If I had the wherewithal I would love to put together an Outsider Artist coffee-table book - but perhaps it already exists.

You've enriched my day...again.

writenow said...

You always say the kindest things. If a blogger is to have only one reader, it should definitely be you.