June 3, 2011

My plate is a little different from theirs

I haven't eaten a piece of fruit in at least 20 years. It doesn't seem to matter. If you'd like to follow me down this slippery slope, be sure to take your vitamins every day and you'll probably be fine. Maybe. In any case, it doesn't seem to have hurt me and I didn't have to eat twenty years worth of fruit! It's like the bonus you get from being an atheist: you get to sleep on Sunday mornings! Hooray! No mass, no fruit! Life is very, very good.

No fruit, no gods and lots of espresso -- it's how we roll here at the Worlds Blog.


Artichoke Annie said...

Well, I never! I believe this is the first time I have ever heard anyone attack fruit, broccoli, yes, but never fruit.

Of course you realize that as I write this I am enjoying a simply delicious bowl of summer strawberries (slurp), oh pardon me... they are just sooo good. Hm maybe a fresh fruit salad for lunch.... dinner a light fish, grilled and topped with a fresh mango chutney....

;) Me

writenow said...

I love broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach and asparagus. But fruit is sweet. I do not like sweet things. I'm horrified when I try people's dinner-type food and the cook has put either honey or sugar or fruit in it. Yeesh. Fruit is for flies.

Artichoke Annie said...

OK, you have given me my laugh for the weekend.

They are painting a mural on a wall here in Chesterfield today. My camera and I are going to check it out. I heard the subject of the mural might be fruit... rofl