July 22, 2016

Scrivener for IOS

I know, I know. I've been ignoring the blog. Let's see if one post can nudge me into blogging again. It's worth a shot, right?

I use Scrivener to write fiction. It's the best writing software out there and was available only to Mac users for quite a while. I hear there's a Windows version now, so anyone can use it. (Mind you, no one should be on Windows anymore. No one.)

But the thing that was always missing was an IOS version of Scrivener. It took years to develop and folks were beginning to doubt that it would ever be released. But it's done! I was so excited to download it when it came out on Wednesday, and I've been playing with it ever since.

First off, it's fabulous that my work is now mobile. I can carry all my intellectual property with me wherever I go. That's so reassuring. No more worries about my house burning down while I'm out for a walk and taking my work with it. The books (there are several) are now safe. That is so important.

Plus, the IOS version works well. One of the things about Scrivener on the desktop is how zippy it is. Nothing is slow, everything is instantaneous. I'm happy to report that the IOS version is just as zippy.

The true joy of this is that wherever I am, if I think of something that needs to be changed in a manuscript -- or if I think of a great new story idea -- I can pick up my iPad and input the changes or idea. It automatically synchs with the desktop version of Scrivener. No more lost thoughts! This is so nice.

Anyway, I'm a very happy guy. Now let's see if I can get back to blogging in the next few days and weeks.