June 1, 2011

The real savior: a portable fan

A heavenly device.
That's the small portable fan by O2 Cool on the left. It's about six inches high. I bought one last year and then gave them to everyone I know. They're excellent.

When your electricity goes out this summer, you'd do well to have one of these on hand. It works on the large, fairly expensive D batteries -- two of them -- but the charge lasts forever. I'm still using the same batteries I put in last summer and it's running fine. It's got two speeds and the lower one is so adequate that I never use the higher speed.

I don't know about you but when it's hot and humid (and it's in the 90s and humid here today; grrrrr!) and the electricity goes out -- I freak! There must be a breeze; there must be! This thing saves me at such times. You can get it for $11 at Amazon and it's actually attractive looking, modern and sleek. Doesn't make too much noise, either. Get one, see how good it is and then buy a slew of them for your friends. They'll bless you when the lights go out. (And you know how helpful that is.)

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