June 20, 2011

Evil man prays for pain for gay couples

I was disgusted when I saw this piece on the local news last night. NY is in a tizzy over gay marriage right now, so of course this means the appallingly evil "archbishop" Timothy Dolan has to dress up in a KKK outfit and spill his odious hatred of gay people during a church service. I believe this man is the epitome of evil, even worse than the popey guy. The video is short so give it a listen. If there really was a god, people like "archbishop" Timothy Dolan would spend eternity in hell.


Artichoke Annie said...

BOOOOO - and he threw his note on the floor with such disdain. I also found his referring to the church as the 'David up against Goliath in this situation' a bit amusing.

writenow said...

That's the thing. You have to see this guy in action to appreciate how disgusting he is. Ugh. But I'm sure he's driving people from the church in droves. At least there's that.