March 8, 2013

I wonder if they have a secret tree-house

While I was out in the world the other day, I missed a few news stories. This one about the "princes of the church" and their extra-special, double-secret conclave tickled me.
In a rare glimpse of the process, the Vatican showed reporters footage of the cardinals entering the assembly hall and taking their seats, flipping through the book of conclave ritual with its green hard cover, the “Ordo rituum conclavis.”
The cardinals took assigned seats, swore an oath of secrecy and agreed to send a message to Benedict, who has retreated to the papal summer home in Castel Gandolfo outside of Rome.
This sounds like the secret clubs created by little boys. I wonder if they put up a sign that says "No Girls Allowed". Oh, right -- they didn't have to. Virulent sexism is implicit in everything they say and do.

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