March 31, 2013

More on Timmeh

I've now read several versions of what dear, sweet Cardinal Dolan said about gays on Easter Sunday. The man doesn't seem to be mentally or emotionally equipped for his job. That's my take on the situation.

Here's a lovely passage from Think Progress' account of the exchange. After reporting what Timmy said (we can be "friends" but must never ever allow our genitals to touch; thanks, Timmy!) they note the following:
After lobbying against New York’s marriage equality law, Dolan prohibited by decree any Church personnel or property from being utilized for same-sex marriage ceremonies under penalty of “canonical sanctions,” calling the state’s law “irreconcilable with the nature and the definition of marriage as established by Divine law.” He has also compared the “threat” posed to marriage by gays and lesbians to that of polygamy, adultery, forced marriage, communist dictatorships, and incest. [Note: the actual text has many links, for those who wish to document his inhumane statements.]
Let's focus on the section I bolded above. Exactly when and where did Jesus mention "the nature and the definition of marriage as established by Divine Law"? Ahem. I'm waiting. Jesus never said one goddamn thing about this. Timmy Dolan is just damaged goods.

It would be heavenly if the pope countered this nonsense. I wonder what Timmy would say then? He's the original suck-up-to-power guy. It would truly be fun to hear his tortured words, if this ever came to pass.

But we must remember that Argentina's gays hated Bergoglio, who morphed into Popeyguy Francis. So perhaps this is a pipe dream. It's a lovely one, though.

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