March 7, 2013

The dumbest argument against gay marriage

Don't you just love the absurd "arguments" against gay marriage? I mean, have you ever heard one of these people make sense? I haven't. If you're a fan of the tripe these anti-gay loons trot out, you'll love this. The following may be the most circuitous, meaningless argument I've ever heard against gay marriage. The words were written by Frank Turek (I found them in a post by Ed Brayton). Check this out:
Some will ignore those biological realities and object, “But men and women are the same so there’s no difference between homosexual and heterosexual relationships!”
If that were true, no one would be arguing for same-sex marriage. The very fact people demand same-sex marriage is precisely because they know men and women are drastically different. If men and women were the same, no one would be spending time and energy trying to get same-sex marriage approved. They would simply marry someone of the opposite sex—which according to them is the same as someone of the same sex—and be done with it.
What is the man even talking about? (Ed Brayton's comment: "that second paragraph is so incoherent that it looks like he put a Madlibs game in a food processor"). I agree.

But really, have you ever heard a logical argument against gay marriage? I haven't and I doubt that one exists. Of course, this inconvenient fact doesn't bother any of the bigots on the gay-hating god squad. They don't care if they make sense. Sense is superfluous.

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