March 10, 2013

Being "Catholic" means no dissent

An errant bishop is upset that a newspaper is calling him names. Well, actually it's more than that. He's upset because a newspaper with the word "Catholic" in its name is calling him names. That's double the sin, in his special holy book.
The National Catholic Reporter, an independent Kansas City, Mo.-based weekly, called for Bishop Robert Finn's removal or resignation in September, after he was convicted of failing to report suspected child abuse.
Finn, leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, later wrote in an editorial in his own diocesan newspaper that parishioner anger is growing over the NCR's challenges to Catholic orthodoxy on topics ranging from the ordination of women to contraception.
Yeah, I'll bet it's the "parishioners" who are getting angry. Sorry, Finn, it's you. And what he means is only one thing: don't you dare criticize him. And if you do, you may not use the word "Catholic" in your paper's title.

Because Catholic means you agree to lie down and take everything the church throws at you, no matter how filthy. These bishops think they're god. They're not.

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