March 11, 2013

Everything is aboveboard. Have no fear.

As cardinals move to elect a new pope, the Vatican has seemed intent on getting people to forget the last one.

The Rev. Federico Lombardi said that Benedict won't be getting any inside information about the conclave — and that he would probably follow the proceedings on TV and by reading newspapers. That's a shift from the line taken just two days earlier, when Lombardi said Benedict is receiving regular briefings on cardinals' meetings from [his wildly attractive secretary] Gaenswein. (Snip.)

Shortly before announcing his retirement, Benedict gave Gaenswein the additional title of prefect of the papal household, meaning he would work with the new pope during the day and stay with Benedict in the evening

That has raised speculation about possible secret messages being shuttled between the two popes. Heightening the intrigue over Benedict's possible influence: Gaenswein will be inside the Sistine Chapel for part of the conclave in his new role as prefect
Move along. Nothing to see here except sweet, precious holiness. Why, it's as if the Holy Ghost is in charge of the conclave.

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