March 23, 2013

Too cute for words

This is the cover image from the new Duluth Trading Company catalog. They specialize in "long-tail" T-shirts that (ahem) cover the gap. Truly, it's a company built on the concept of hiding plumber's butt. I think this is one of the cutest images ever to grace a catalog.

Lately, they've been producing great covers. I looked for an image of the last one but I couldn't find it. It had the sexiest guy you've ever seen, boxing in his underwear.

Good work, Duluth. They make clothes for a blue-collar customer base, which you have to think is largely straight. So I guess these sorts of images appeal to both straight and gay men. Kinda fun.


Artichoke Annie said...

I love it when you present a challenge, I tried desperately to find that sexy-boxer-guy cover and came up almost empty handed.

That is except for a new mosquito repellent hat and long-sleeved henley shirt for my upcoming trip. Thanks for the mention of Duluth Trading Company, they have some great stuff.

writenow said...

Believe it or not, as your comment arrived in my email, I was at their site. I'm buying something too! Bizarre. But then, any mention of a company in public can elicit this sort of thing. They should pay us for the advertisement. And hey, I really looked for that image, too. My cleaning lady threw my catalog out when I wasn't looking. I could have snapped a shot of the cover. It'll turn up. Sooner or later, everything does. It's this internet thingy that makes it happen.