March 28, 2013

Russia is lost

Russia is "becoming a 'bona fide' dictatorship". That's the headline at Der Spiegel. I'd argue with their use of the word "becoming". It's already happened. Here's an excerpt from the article:
Russia continued its series of raids on non-governmental organizations on Wednesday with visits to Human Rights Watch and Transparency International. The operation, say German commentators, is just the latest sign that Russian civil society is eroding and President Putin is turning into a dictator.
Turning into? The man is and always has been a dictator. It's just that people are noticing now that he's amped up the process. The country is gone. Again.


Artichoke Annie said...

President Vladimir Putin has given Russian officials a three-month deadline to close their foreign bank accounts or face dismissal.

Whipping the troops into line, just like the good old days.

writenow said...

I always thought he was a monster. Always. Hi, Annie. K