March 16, 2013

Kittens grow up to be cats

You know the syndrome: someone sees a cute kitty in the window, buys it and brings it home. They just love the kitty because it's so darned cute...until it grows up into a cat. The party's over -- for a certain kind of person, anyway.

Trust me on this segue:
The North Dakota Senate on Friday approved banning abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, sending what would be the most stringent abortion restrictions in the U.S. to the state's Republican governor for his signature. 
The kitten problem goes all the way up to humans. They just loves them some babies, those lawmakers! Cause babies are so cute. Awwwww. Someone get a camera!

And as they pass these draconian measures around the country -- they also cut programs that provide health care, education and food for children. See, they're not babies anymore once they're children. They're kids, fer god's sake, and we all know what's gonna happen next: they're gonna turn into adults! And nobody on the GOP side cares about kids or adults (or anyone else, for that matter, except them and their rich pals).

But they think more babies should come into this world. Unwanted babies. Like most of American life these days, this push to restrict abortions has nothing to do with rationality, nothing to do with real life. And it certainly has nothing to do with women or kids. (Or babies, for that matter. This is just a way for male lawmakers to abuse women, when you get right down to it.)

Derangement Syndrome is epidemic in our country and I don't think there's any way back, not while we cut education and guarantee that the next generation will be as ignorant as this one. We passed the tipping point a long time ago. It's just so sad.

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