March 29, 2013

Hallelujah! The Shroud is (not) real!!!

So let's see. It's Good Friday and suddenly a report comes out saying that the Shroud of Turin is real. Praise Jeebus! And lookee, there's a TV special about it and it's almost Easter! That must mean it's really, really real!
A viewing of the The Shroud of Turin, thought by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, will reportedly be televised Saturday on Italian State TV in what is said to be former Pope Benedict XVI’s parting gift to the Catholic Church.
That popeyguy emeritus! He's always doing things for us. What a guy.
There was no portrait made of Jesus so, really, the shroud still remains the best single thing that we have,” said Russ Breault, president of the Shroud of Turin Education Project Inc., an organization “dedicated to raising awareness and understanding” of the shroud, according to its website.
Well, that makes perfect sense. We have no clue what Jesus looked like...and then this piece of cloth turns obviously it's an image of Jesus himself. How could anyone doubt this logic?

More ironclad logic from the linked article:
“When you consider that there are no substances on the cloth that were conceivably used by an artist, and the fact that the blood on the cloth is human blood, it would suggest that the cloth is probably authentic,” Breault said.
Of course, of course. This points directly to Jesus as the source. Why, anyone could see this if he wasn't blinded by New Atheism. Sigh.

I look forward to the next debunking. The Shroud of Turin is a scam, nothing more than a sideshow attraction for gullible rubes. Note the new TV show centered on the Shroud and the new book based on this "scientific" result. Repeat after me: sideshow attraction.

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