March 30, 2013

As the world churns

This week many nations are posturing with their testosterone-laden fleets and planes and bombs -- solely to impress scare each other. Now, where have I seen this act before? I mean, it's so damn familiar. Oh, I remember. It's what all braindead, piggish males do on every street corner in America, every day. Gotta let that testosterone rage. Gotta.

Our government loves war. Just can't get enough of it. This worries me because I tend to see where it's all going, and it's not a good place.

If all the Arab Spring countries end up as unthinking, Muslim-controlled hotbeds of hatred, I think I know what the US will do. It will nuke the entire area off the planet. Problem solved, in their over-amped, testosterone-soaked brains. (Though maybe they'll try to develop a DNA-controlled death-switch that affects only those with Arab, Persian, etc. genes. Uh-huh. Like this won't get out of control. Ha.)

I could see this end-play happening in real life. And that's scary. Our ability to kill each other grows exponentially with the passage of time. And testosterone-heads won't be able to resist pulling the trigger.

The world that comes after that will be unrecognizable. And something tells me it will be controlled by religious crazies of the American kind. The American Taliban will finally have its day. I don't want to be around for that.

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