March 30, 2013

Things are looking up for Catholic women

It looks like Pope Francis may be open to the concept of women as real, full-fledged people.
In his most significant break with tradition yet, Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of two young women at a juvenile detention center — a surprising departure from church rules that restrict the Holy Thursday ritual to men. 
I like the sound of that. I'm sure a lot of Catholic women are experiencing hope right now. This popeyguy had better come through.

But I keep wondering if this pope's first few days on the job are similar to Obama's campaign speeches -- without substance, in other words. I hope not. Much as I detest this church for its wanton attacks on gays, I know there are many people who believe in this church's god. For their sake, and most especially for the sake of women, I hope this popeyguy is open to honest, real participation by women in the church.

(Hey, what can I say? I've got a few friends who are nuns. They're nice people and they could use some respect, especially after the popeyguy emeritus tossed them out like so much garbage.)

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