March 21, 2013

Installed or enthroned, result is the same

Having just witnessed the installation of a new pope who is against gay marriage, we are now treated to the "enthronement" of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, who is against gay marriage.
LONDON (AP) — The new Archbishop of Canterbury is to be formally enthroned Thursday after using a radio interview to back Church of England positions on homosexuality, which include opposition to same-sex marriage. 

But Justin Welby told the BBC he is aware that many gays have enduring relationships of "stunning" quality that have "deeply challenged" his own views. 
Well, gee. Thanks for being "deeply challenged", Justin. I guess it hasn't occurred to you that marriage is something that "many gays [who] have enduring relationships" of "stunning quality" would want and deserve. For a moment there, I forgot that your religion has nothing to do with fairness or justice. It exists only to focus on a nonexistent god. Thanks for setting us straight.

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