March 16, 2013

More about the new pope

I knew the popeyguy (I've already given up on the name frankenpope) was against gay marriage. But I didn't know this:
But the most potentially sensitive talks could come with [Argentina's president] Fernandez after years of open tensions over the then-archbishop's strong opposition to initiatives that led Argentina to become Latin American country to legalize gay marriage. He also opposed — but failed to stop — Fernandez from promoting free contraception and artificial insemination. 
Sometimes I forget that the church is against anything that has to do with sex. I hadn't even thought about contraception and artificial insemination. And I didn't know the church opposed the latter. What is wrong with them? A method to help women conceive is evil? Oh, that's right -- it brings vaginas to mind. Can't have that.

I've been reading stories about the new popeyguy and he seems sincere, direct and kind. He's a big improvement over Benedict, in terms of personality traits. To put it simply, as he would, Francis is friendly. That's something no one would say about the previous popeyguy.

But here we are with another pope who is the enemy of gay marriage. And we still have no clue why the church is so opposed to GLBT people. Certainly their explanations make no sense. They're words without meaning, as you know if you've ever listened to one of them argue about the topic. This vendetta, so much a part of the church, remains unexplained.

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