March 11, 2013

New week, same church

As the sacred rituals of conclave week begin, Catholicism reveals its true face in yet another country. 
A commission investigating abuse of children linked to Dutch Roman Catholic institutions says girls were sexually abused by members of the clergy in their homes and in church, while they suffered physical abuse and intimidation at the hands of nuns in boarding schools.
The commission, led by former Hague mayor Wim Deetman, was funded by the Catholic church. In preliminary conclusions in December 2011 it estimated that up to 20,000 children were molested at Catholic institutions between 1945 and 2010.
At least this one was funded by the church. Let's give them credit for that. I wonder if this news will reach the princes of the church as they settle in for their extra-holy, super-special conclave.

That's quite a church they've got there.

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