March 7, 2013

I, fanboy

I own the shirt you see here. Got it at fansedge. You know what this means: I'm an official (ancient) fanboy now.

The object of my manly affection is Bryce Harper, the terrific young outfielder for the Washington Nationals. This kid is so talented, his very existence is a shot in the arm to major league baseball. He won Rookie of the Year at 19, last year.

If you're a baseball fan, you either love this kid or you haven't seen him play. If you're in the latter camp, get on it: watch some Nats games this year. The kid's electric.

So, will I wear my fanboy shirt every day for the entire season, in a superstitious fashion? Of course not. I'm a fan of reality, not superstition. I'll only wear my Bryce Harper shirt for important games, where my wearing it will influence the outcome of the game. Go, Nats!

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