March 31, 2013

Easter ushers in the baseball season

Today we celebrate Easter, the day that signifies the resurrection of the baseball season. As the Easter bunny always says, "Rejoice! Baseball has climbed out of its sepulchre. It lives!"

But of course, we can't forget the simple joy that Easter brings to children. Every child -- rich or poor -- knows that on Easter morning, he or she will wake up to a fresh basket of bats made of peanuts and white chocolate. And then later in the day, they will experience the joy of trying to find the chocolate baseballs hidden in their yards by local baseball coaches.

So if you see a child sitting in a yard today, eating a tasty baseball bat and dreaming of the coming season, give the kid a high five and tell him your favorite team.

Because this is the real meaning of Easter: play ball!!!

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