March 14, 2013

Wingnut Christian textbooks

Mother Jones did a scathing report about the idiocy peddled in Christian textbooks -- books that kids actually use in their studies. After telling students that dragons were real, hippies were Satanists, and humans and dinosaurs lived side-by-side on the Earth, they turn their attention to literature. These were my favorites:
Mark Twain and Emily Dickinson were a couple of hacks: "[Mark] Twain's outlook was both self-centered and ultimately hopeless…Twain's skepticism was clearly not the honest questioning of a seeker of truth but the deliberate defiance of a confessed rebel."Elements of Literature for Christian Schools, Bob Jones University, 2001

"Several of [Emily Dickinson's] poems show a presumptuous attitude concerning her eternal destiny and a veiled disrespect for authority in general. Throughout her life she viewed salvation as a gamble, not a certainty. Although she did view the Bible as a source of poetic inspiration, she never accepted it as an inerrant guide to life."Elements of Literature for Christian Schools, Bob Jones University, 2001
And then people wonder why Americans don't believe in evolution or global warming. Religion is poisonous.

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