April 1, 2013

One more thing

On Dolan's media-studded "friendship for the gays" tour yesterday, he also said this:
Dolan says he would tell gay men and lesbians that God loves them and they're entitled to friendship. But he says marriage is a union between a man and a woman "where children can come about naturally." 
It seems that as he bashed gay marriage, Dolan also felt a need to tell adopted children they're not as good as kids that "come about naturally". And that parents of adopted kids might as well not be married. What is wrong with this fellow?

We still have no answer to the biggest question involving this church: why do they attack gays? They're never able to explain it in a rational way. It boggles the mind. Why is their god so concerned with everyone's genitals? What a strange religion this is.

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