April 11, 2013

Roman Catholicism kills woman in Ireland

You probably know that a Hindu woman died in Ireland because the hospital wouldn't provide an abortion -- even though there was no chance that her fetus could survive. They simply let her die along with the unborn child. The case is now at trial.
DUBLIN (AP) — The husband of a woman who died after being denied an abortion in an Irish hospital accepted an apology Thursday from a midwife who, when explaining why the plea was rejected, said Ireland was "a Catholic country."
Halappanavar was 17 weeks pregnant when, hospitalized for pain, doctors informed her that the fetus would die. As her miscarriage pains worsened over the next three days, doctors refused her pleas for a termination because they could still detect a fetal heartbeat. By the time the fetus did die, Halappanavar was suffering from blood poisoning and died of organ failure 3 1/2 days later. 
Roman Catholicism killed this woman as surely as if the pope positioned her head in a guillotine. Religions don't like women. They don't like them at all.

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