April 23, 2013

It's time, right?

Let us review. We've had a "terrorist" attack. We've seen inane and endless coverage of said attack. We closed down a whole city, populated it with SWAT officers and shot the hell out of a couple of guys. And all the while, we watched it live on the teevee. There have been conspiracy theories galore. (Here's one link among many.) And now we're playing the "shall we torture him" and the "where shall we try him" games -- both hugely popular. (Note: I wrote this yesterday. Since then, the gov't has charged him.)

Heck, there are even a couple of ricin letters in the mix. Bonus -- the letters were allegedly sent by an Elvis impersonator. (Ah, America. You have to love the addition of the Elvis impersonator element. Such a thing could only happen here.) And as all this occurs, a report comes out confirming that the United States engaged in torture after 9/11 -- torture that was approved by Bush et al. To be clear, torture is an internationally recognized war crime that requires prosecution.

The only thing missing from the American drama right now is an attack on the wrong country. It's coming, right? I mean, we've seen this show; we know the story line. It's time to launch the next war. USA! USA! USA!

The only question is which wrong country to attack. It's a target-rich smorgasbord out there!

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