April 28, 2013

It's Sunday!

Ah, Sunday, the day we don't go to church. Oh, wait a minute...we never go to church. Hooray for us! Jeebus, are we lucky or what?

If there really was a god (don't worry; there isn't) I'm sure he'd want us to have a lazy, fabulous Sunday where we did nothing but have fun. After all, surely god would be pleased if we managed to experience one peaceful day in this world that he designed with blood, pain, disease, suffering and death.

So go have some fun. And try to talk people out of their belief in god, if the opportunity comes your way.

Life is so good without god!


Artichoke Annie said...

Sunday and in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I just had to say hello.

I am soooo happy.


writenow said...

Something tells me if I was being pampered on a ship in the mid-Atlantic, I'd be in a pretty good mood,too. Good for you, Annie. Enjoy!

(See? More proof that life without god is faaaabulous!)