April 26, 2013

Why does the Vatican hate gay people?

So the new pope is going to be as bad about gay issues as the last pope. You have to ask yourself why. Why is the Vatican pathologically focused on gays? And by "gays", I mean gay men. You know in your heart that it's the men they hate. For the Vatican, women are always a side issue, and a very unimportant one.

So what's their problem? I think about this at times. One possibility that springs to mind is that they feel obliged to fight gay marriage because of their fears for the priesthood. Perhaps they've come to understand that priests will continue to rape children unless they allow them to marry -- women, of course. So they see this in their future.

Imagine that the Vatican says, "Okay, priestly fellows. You can marry now." And at the very same time, gay marriage becomes normalized in society, worldwide. You don't have to imagine this last bit. It's happening right now.

Perhaps the Vatican is worried that this will lead to two priests marrying. And then two more, and two more, until most of the Catholic priesthood is composed of men who are married to other men. "What then?!!!" the Vatican shrieks. Horrors!

Okay, so maybe that's not the reason. But do you doubt they consider such things in that horrid building in Rome? The specter of gay married priests probably haunts their dreams. If so, it would add to the vehemence of their attacks on anything gay.

Then again, maybe not. Why do you think the Vatican considers fighting gay marriage to be more important than, you know, saving souls? 

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