April 26, 2013

It's about time

JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli court has instructed police to stop detaining women for performing religious rituals that ultra-Orthodox Jews say are reserved for men. 
Why are religious men -- no matter the religion -- consistently appalling? Why must they attack women all the goddamn time? Why is that? Unfortunately, the article ends with this:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently gave preliminary support to a compromise plan to create a new section for mixed-gender prayers. 
I'm sorry but that won't do. There are no special places in this world where only men can talk to imaginary beings. That can be done anywhere. These guys must think that god adores penises. And why would that be, I wonder? Didn't their imaginary overlord create everyone, including women?

Twits. And remember, this attitude spans most religions. Muslims hate women. Fundamentalists hate women. The Vatican hates women. And Orthodox Jews hate women.

I guess the "truth" is that god hates women. There's no other moral that can be gleaned from these attitudes. What a weird imaginary creature god must be. Personally, I like Santa Claus much, much better. At least he's not a bigot.

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