April 8, 2013

Not blogging is fun

Now, don't get me wrong. Blogging is a wonderful pastime and I enjoyed every minute I spent blogging these past two years. But the idea was to drop blogging so I could refocus my energies on writing fiction. Gotta get that next book out.

I just want to report that it's going as planned. My creativity has redirected itself toward fiction and I've already came up with a great idea for a final short story to complete a book of transformational tales. The book's title is "Ink" and you'll have a chance to read it later this year.

Life is good. I hope you're doing all right without me. You know how I worry about you. I just can't help it. Be good to yourselves and to other people. It's not that hard, so get on the stick.

PS: Ever wonder why NYC has a humongous number of marijuana arrests? Ed Brayton has the answer for you and it's not pretty.

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