March 4, 2013

Call for cardinal O'Brien to apologize to gays

Remember the cardinal in Scotland who stepped down last week when confronted about sexual overtures to other priests? Well, it turns out he was a major homophobe. The closet cases are always the worst. (Look at Ratzinger if you doubt this. The gay pope was the scourge of gays worldwide.) O'Brien's hateful statements about gays had real-life consequences -- but apparently he doesn't care. Unfortunately for him, gays do care.
Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said Monday that the gay-rights group noted "with sadness that the cardinal didn't find it in him to apologize to gay people, their families and friends for the harm his vicious and cruel language caused." 
O'Brien apologized for his sexual behavior, but not his hateful speech against gay people. The latter activity was holy, you see.
O'Brien, 74, had been a staunch advocate of church teaching against homosexuality, calling same-sex marriage "a grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right" and saying that British government plans to legalize same-sex marriage would "shame the United Kingdom in the eyes of the world." 

Last year, Stonewall named O'Brien "Bigot of the Year" for his hard line on homosexuality.
I doubt O'Brien will apologize to the gay community. What a filthy church this is. It's perfect for a monster like this cardinal. Seeing such heinous duplicity within the church makes me sorry there isn't a real hell. Surely O'Brien and Ratzinger would fit well in such a place.

(Just kidding; hell is the most appalling belief of Christians. To not reject the concept of hell is consummate proof that a person is less than human.)

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