March 2, 2013

Eenie meenie chili beanie

The spirits are about to speak. Oh, wait a minute. No, the cardinals are about to speak. They're going to elect the next pope.

Now, far be it from me, a lowly angry atheist, to criticize these princes of the church, but why would god want a bunch of red-hatted twits to choose his representative on Earth?

If there really is a god, wouldn't it be more sensible to put their names on bingo balls, spin the cage, and see which name falls out? I mean, I know Jeebus doesn't intervene often in Earthly matters but surely he would do this one small thing: he would make the right ball fall out. If he was real. (Ahem.)

But no. The power-mad men will choose the next pope -- because they don't really believe in god. That's just for the little people.

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