August 30, 2011

This is not America

From an AP article today about Cheney's new book:
Cheney, who is promoting his new memoir "In My Time," has been associated with waterboarding, considered by many to be torture. Asked on NBC's "Today" show if he was embracing a double-standard, he said, "These are not American citizens."
Yet even though he cheerfully admits his history of torture, the US does zilch about it and Cheney roams free. This is not America.


Artichoke Annie said...

I would never turn my back on this man.

writenow said...

I just listened to this song again. I love Pat Metheny. As for Cheney, I keep thinking how unutterably horrible it will be when he dies and they do one of those grand processionals through the street with his goddamn corpse. I hope people spontaneously come out and block the passage of the funeral cortege. This man should be spit on by every American. Honor the guy? What a sick joke that would be. And the TV coverage! Time for the vomit bag.