August 28, 2011

The post-death post

Until recently, I hadn't thought about writing a post to go up after my death. But jeepers, it sounds like great fun! I'm definitely going to work one up. Any other bloggers out there have one ready to go, just in case?

Now, let's see . . . I'll work in a few swipes at the popey guy while being funny and making people cry over losing my wit forever, oh, and it should have some good stories, oh -- and a moral, a big take-away, oh, and I can write a final piece of fiction into it, oh, and I'll need a great final image, and . . .


PS: The hurricane was a big bust. All we got was rain. There wasn't much wind either so the trees are all fine. I hope everyone else in the hurricane's path survived in great style. Hurricanes: meh.

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