August 2, 2011

But the magic never happens

Even Houdini's magic failed him.
Most people on this planet believe there is a god. Given the reality that surrounds us, this is astounding. But what amazes me the most is that believers don't notice that the magic never happens.

We hear their pronouncements. The world will end on a certain day because the bible says so. Praying will bring about miracles. The prophet will return and carry the saved to heaven. Some guy who rose from the dead after a virgin birth is available to hear your prayers nightly. And don't forget, he'll meet you in heaven after you die.

No religious prediction has ever come true. And in the entire history of the world, no one has been able to come up with any evidence to support the notion that there is a god. An all-powerful being -- yet there's no trace of him anywhere. What could this mean? Duh.

This is what's called evidence. Reality does not allow for elves, magic or gods. So although addle-headed believers constantly predict this and that thing will happen, it's all nonsense, as is everything else about religion. Yet the gullible believers continue to believe. It's an insane situation and a pernicious one that is eroding our world. People everywhere are killing each other because of these cartoon-like beliefs. It's stunning -- and suicidal. 

As I often say here, believers' brains are hobbled. They can't update their contents when new, accurate information comes along. The contents of religious people's brains are like old movies. In that airless room inside their thick skulls, nothing changes and everything is a repeat. They call this empty state of mind "faith" but the rest of us should see it for what it is: ignorance. To be even more precise, faith is chosen ignorance.

The magic never happens. This is a clue. Wake up.

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