August 11, 2011

Oh joy. Now we can kill even more people.

There's an article on physorg today about a new, much more destructive material that will soon be used in warheads. Excerpt:
By combining several metals with standard manufacturing techniques, High-Density Reactive Material (HDRM) has the potential to dramatically increase the explosive impact of most weapons with little or no compromise in strength or design.
Unlike conventional munitions, the innovative materials approach integrates the casing with approved warhead explosives for increased lethality. In addition, the unique design for fragmenting warheads allows release of after impact, increasing the probability of a catastrophic kill.
Oh, happy day, because you know, we haven't been quite destructive enough, to date. But this will surely put us over the top. Hooray! Maybe we can start even more wars now!


Artichoke Annie said...

Here is some more on this from AJE:

writenow said...

I think these are two different items, Annie. What flew away was the delivery system, but the discovery has to do with bombs they will soon build. Still, the plane disappearing was amazing. Like the Keystone Kops.