August 16, 2011

What did the church do to those 34 dead boys?

Uh-oh, popey guy.
Dutch Prosecutors Probe Catholic Institute Deaths is the headline of a story in the NY Times today. Here's an excerpt:
Dutch prosecutors are to investigate the deaths of 34 boys in a Catholic institute for the mentally disabled in the 1950s — the latest probe in a long-running inquiry into sexual abuse in the church.
I particularly liked this bit:
The Roermond Diocese — where the institute was based — issued a statement saying it could not comment on the investigation, but welcomed the probe, saying it was in line with the diocese's policy of reporting such matters to prosecutors if necessary
Those guys sure wanna do the right thing, huh? If necessary, of course. Otherwise, fuggedaboutit.

At the heart of this case is that thirty-four boys died at this Catholic institute in a three-year period! Suspicious? Duh. The popey guy must be shaking in his special red shoes. I can't wait for the outcome in this case.

The Roman Catholic Church -- bringing you filth for 2,000 years.

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