August 27, 2011

Irene cometh

Folks, if I disappear for a time it means I've lost power because of the hurricane. I will pop back up; I promise.

Mind you, I'm having trouble believing this is for real. Evacuating parts of New York? I think Mike Bloomberg is just trying to counter the terrible image he established when he was unprepared for last winter's snowstorms. He's afraid to get caught with his pants down (again). If there had been no snowstorms, I doubt there would be an evacuation today.

I lived right on the shore in Long Beach, Long Island for many years. In all that time, I never paid the slightest attention to hurricane reports. Never left, never worried, and nothing bad ever happened. It's hard for New Yorkers to believe in hurricanes (or tornadoes or earthquakes or gods).

In any case, I wish everyone well. Here's hoping you (and I) still have houses and power after the weekend.

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