August 8, 2011

I'd rather be dead than at a reunion

The past is gone.
A couple of times recently, people from my distant past called to say "we're having a big reunion and want you to come." Each time I said "I'm not interested" and hung up.

The past is the past; it's over. I have no interest in visiting it, seeing people from those days, or rehashing any experience that we shared. That was another lifetime and I was someone else.

The present and the future are the golden times, not the past. Don't get me wrong -- I enjoy my memories. But those days are gone. And like the me of those times, the people I once knew no longer exist.

You can't recapture a time but you can enjoy the present and work to create the future. I'm on that end of things, fully. So if you used to know me and are planning to hold a reunion, don't even call.

On the other hand, if you're a person from the future and you'd like to contact me, the lines are open.

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Artichoke Annie said...

I agree with you however I made the mistake of going to my 50th high school reunion. Nothing there but a bunch of old folks that were as 'clicky' as they were in H.S.