August 4, 2011

When nature comes into the house

BugZooka is humane.
First of all, allow me to establish where on the PETA scale I lie: When I pick a zucchini from the garden, I can't cut into it until it's been in the refrigerator for a few hours. Otherwise it's too warm and alive. I hate to hurt living stuff. Okay, so now you know me.

Well, I've had an infestation of tiny moths in my kitchen for a few weeks now. It's wildly creepy because I don't want to kill the moths. Yes, I try to catch and release them but we're talking legion here. Many mucho moths. A friend of mine who also cares what happens to creatures once told me, "You can kill anything that invades your space." And I have, on occasion, killed some of these moths. Pardon me as I hang my head in shame for a moment . . . (interlude; music almost plays) . . . There, I think I'm okay now.

Anyway, the point of this confessional is that I found a great solution: I bought a BugZooka. It is the coolest thing. That's it up top in the photo. It's got a bellows on it (you can see this a bit at the bottom of the photo) and you simply compress the bellows and pull the trigger. No batteries needed. It sucks the little guy into a clear plastic tube at the tip. (This is funny: they also include a dark grey plastic tube in case you don't want to see the bugs.) The bug is not harmed by the process and you just go outside, unscrew the tip and set it free. It's a win for me and the bug. Very cool.

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